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Query: NC_006677:579975:601202 Gluconobacter oxydans 621H, complete genome

Start: 601202, End: 601561, Length: 360

Host Lineage: Gluconobacter oxydans; Gluconobacter; Acetobacteraceae; Rhodospirillales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Industrially useful bacterium. Gluconobacter oxydans is a member of the Acetobacteraceae family within the alpha proteobacteria and can be isolated from flowers, fruits, and fermented beverages. This organism uses membrane-associated dehydrogenases to incompletely oxidize a wide variety of carbohydrates and alcohols. Oxidation occurs in the periplasm with the products being released into the medium via outer membrane porins and the electrons entering the electron transport chain. Able to oxidize large amounts of substrates, making it useful for industrial purposes. Among other applications, it has been used to produce 2-ketogluconic for iso-ascorbic acid production, 5-ketogluconic acid from glucose for tartaric acid production, and L-sorbose from sorbitol for vitamin C synthesis.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_010338:588000:610307610307610780474Caulobacter sp. K31, complete genomecytochrome c class I3e-1580.1
NC_012856:2266187:226847822684782269086609Ralstonia pickettii 12D chromosome 1, complete genomecytochrome c class I1e-1478.2
NC_015387:1803938:183962818396281840065438Marinithermus hydrothermalis DSM 14884 chromosome, complete genomecytochrome c class I1e-1375.1
NC_010552:2131021:214854021485402149040501Burkholderia ambifaria MC40-6 chromosome 2, complete sequencecytochrome c class I1e-1168.2
NC_006513:1695487:171848317184831719070588Azoarcus sp. EbN1, complete genomeprobable cytochrome c subunit of cbb3 type cytochrome oxidase2e-0961.2
NC_020541:1827689:184803318480331848626594Rhodanobacter sp. 2APBS1, complete genomecytochrome c, mono- and diheme variants family4e-0960.1
NC_015458:1938860:193826519382651938882618Pusillimonas sp. T7-7 chromosome, complete genomecbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase subunit III6e-0959.7
NC_013016:656000:659339659339659761423Neisseria meningitidis alpha14 chromosome, complete genomeputative cytochrome c1e-0858.9
NC_003112:744476:747831747831748247417Neisseria meningitidis MC58, complete genomeputative cytochrome1e-0858.5
NC_017516:1535904:155705815570581557459402Neisseria meningitidis H44/76 chromosome, complete genomecytochrome c family protein1e-0858.5
NC_017514:1491235:150882915088291509230402Neisseria meningitidis M01-240149 chromosome, complete genomecytochrome c family protein1e-0858.5
NC_017505:751836:751836751836752432597Neisseria meningitidis alpha710 chromosome, complete genomeputative cytochrome C2e-0857.8
NC_016626:1592781:1610024161002416113791356Burkholderia sp. YI23 plasmid byi_1p, complete sequencegluconate 2-dehydrogenase (acceptor)5e-0753.1
NC_012988:4387735:4408368440836844096391272Methylobacterium extorquens DM4, complete genomecytochrome C, exported protein8e-0752.4
NC_015844:1100664:1100664110066411038343171Zobellia galactanivorans, complete genomecytochrome c-containing protein4e-0650.4