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Query: NC_005956:1888500:1895290 Bartonella henselae str. Houston-1, complete genome

Start: 1895290, End: 1895775, Length: 486

Host Lineage: Bartonella henselae; Bartonella; Bartonellaceae; Rhizobiales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Bartonella henselae str. Houston-1 (ATCC 49882) was isolated from human blood in Houston Texas. Causative agent of cat scratch fever. This group of alpha proteobacteria are unique among pathogens in that they cause angiogenic lesions. This organism was identified as the causative agent of cat scratch fever, a disease found commonly in children or in immunocompromised adults. The proliferation of the vascular endothelium (bacillary angiomatosis) is characterisitic of Bartonella infection and results in multiplication of the bacterium's host cells. Infected macrophages are stimulated to release vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and interleukin 1 beta, both of which promote angiogenesis. Endothelial cells are also stimulated to grow and divide by direct contact with bacterial cells. In addition, programmed cell death (apoptosis) of endothelial cells is inhibited, combatting a common mechanism eukaryotic cells use to deal with bacterial infection. Other pathogenicity factors include pili and outer membrane adhesins for attachment to host cells.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_005955:1540838:154752715475271548012486Bartonella quintana str. Toulouse, complete genomepH adaptation potassium efflux system e7e-62236
NC_012846:2299282:230596723059672306452486Bartonella grahamii as4aup, complete genomemulticomponent K+:H+ antiporter subunit E4e-57219
NC_008783:29972:407784077841263486Bartonella bacilliformis KC583, complete genomepH adaptation potassium efflux system protein E1e-50198
NC_010725:5491491:551636555163655516853489Methylobacterium populi BJ001, complete genomecation antiporter8e-1889.7
NC_004578:3921199:392287239228723923360489Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato str. DC3000, complete genomepotassium efflux system protein PhaE, putative1e-1272.4
NC_016603:3475843:348552534855253486052528Acinetobacter calcoaceticus PHEA-2 chromosome, complete genomepH adaptation potassium efflux system E transmembrane protein1e-1065.9
NC_016041:2420098:242877024287702429270501Glaciecola nitratireducens FR1064 chromosome, complete genomemonovalent cation/proton antiporter, MnhE/PhaE family subunit4e-0960.5
NC_008260:2992813:299965529996553000149495Alcanivorax borkumensis SK2, complete genomeMultisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhE subunit, putative6e-0960.1
NC_015276:565701:572882572882573367486Marinomonas mediterranea MMB-1 chromosome, complete genomecation antiporter6e-0960.1
NC_019940:1963000:197955019795501980035486Thioflavicoccus mobilis 8321 chromosome, complete genomemultisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter subunit MnhE1e-0755.8
NC_014655:3345204:335668533566853357161477Leadbetterella byssophila DSM 17132 chromosome, complete genomemultisubunit sodium/proton antiporter, mrpe subunit1e-0652.4
NC_015914:3317029:333797133379713338450480Cyclobacterium marinum DSM 745 chromosome, complete genomecation antiporter8e-0649.7